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The world of cryptography is evolving and one of the fastest growing sectors is post-quantum cryptography in PQShield. This includes encryption technologies that use the latest in quantum computing. However, the challenge is that access to quantum computers is still limited.

Future quantum

Even if the technology were to become commercially available, it would be years before we could expect it to decode encryption keys. PQShield is on the cutting edge of this field by providing solutions that ensure today’s threats are effectively thwarted and future quantum attacks can be predicted.

For a start, PQShield offers end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms and hardware cryptography IPs for high-end devices. They also provide server technology that helps businesses to protect their data. Their products come in three different formats: hardware, software, and systems on a chip. These solutions are designed to protect today’s most important assets such as bank accounts, mobile devices, and even credit cards.

Supply chain partner

Aside from security, these solutions offer convenience by allowing users to run their security operations without having to change or reconfigure existing systems. Lastly, the company offers a supply chain partner that is helping device manufacturers get their hands on the latest in cryptography and hardware.

PQShield is a London-based company that provides secure cryptographic and encryption solutions. Its flagship product is a cryptographic SDK that can be used in applications such as smartphone applications and the cloud. Additionally, it is a company that is leading the way in developing post-quantum cryptographic standards for the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In fact, the company is the only vendor participating in NIST’s post-quantum standardisation program.

Hardware and software

PQShield is also a leader in the public key infrastructure space. Its cryptographic SDK can be embedded into existing infrastructure, providing encryption and decryption functions for the likes of cloud storage, authentication, and more. It is also a supplier of hardware and software for IoT devices. The company has teams across the United States, France, and the Netherlands. One of the company’s biggest goals is to expand into new markets. Currently, it is working on products in the semiconductor and defense industries.

PQShield has a team of experts in all things cryptography. They are currently contributing to the RISC-V open standard ISA and assisting with the development of algorithms for various cryptographic protocols. Ultimately, the company hopes to triple its current staff of 15 by 2022. Along with providing cryptography solutions, they are working on an upgraded protocol for encrypted messaging services.

Cryptography space

PQShield is also the only company to receive a certification from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology for its post-quantum cryptographic standards. While there are many companies that are offering a number of products in the post-quantum cryptography space, PQShield is a leader in providing a slick solution that will protect the most sensitive data. With a best-in-class product line, a solid supply chain, and a stellar team, PQShield is poised for significant growth in the coming years.

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