Why Should You Switch to Framing Made of Steel?

Ever wondered about the framing of your house and what that means? If you are associated with the construction industry, it is natural to think about the possible reasons why so many builders are shifting from traditional wooden framing to steel framing for dwellings and commercial residents. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. This article seeks to answer all your questions and lists all the advantages of using steel frames in modern houses.

What Is Framing?

Framing refers to a construction method that is durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly at the same time. This method uses steel beams and columns to build vertical and horizontal components required in building a frame system. They have become a top choice of builders and developers due to their robust and durable properties, making them a perfect choice for residential and non-residential constructions.

Reasons Why Steel Beams Are Better Than Traditional Wood Beams

1 More Durable Than Wood

There is no doubt that steel is more robust and more durable than wood, especially when it comes to framing houses. When framing houses with steel, the rigidity of the steel frames protects the overall structure from getting damaged due to changing environmental conditions or natural calamities. In other words, steel guarantees a degree of sustainability that usual lumber can’t compete with.

2 Partially Readymade Forms Available

Another reason steel beams are a professional choice for many builders and developers is they save a lot of assembly time compared to the traditional wood framing method. This is because the beams usually come assembled from the factory and even have pre-punched holes for installing electrical components if you choose the right brand.

3 Budget-Friendly

Steel frames are a cost-effective method for framing houses as it takes less time to assemble the beams because of their prefabrication. This saves a lot of time in construction, which in turn saves hours of labour charges. Moreover, because of its durability, it requires less maintenance and repair, making it easy for people on a budget.

4 Fire-Resistant

Wood is a highly inflammable material, and this is one of the top reasons why builders have shifted to steel beams for the construction of buildings. Not only builders and developers but insurance companies also favour construction with steel due to its fire resistance.

5 Water-Resistant

Apart from being fire resistant due to its no combustible property, steel beams are also resistant to moisture. As such, one does not have to worry about damage from rain or shrinkage when having houses with steel frames. You can also use galvanised steel to prevent rust and add to their durability.

6 Environment Friendly

Steel framing is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood framing as it reduces the cutting of trees to obtain lumber. Also, due to steel’s durability, the beams can withstand extreme weather conditions and even natural disasters such as earthquakes, heavy snowfall, etc. Moreover, no harmful chemicals are used to produce steel, making it 100% recyclable.

7 Provides Calm Ambiance

You must be wondering how steel-framed houses provide a calm ambience. Steel beams can dampen external sounds, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Due to its various advantages, steel framing has the upper hand over traditional wood framing methods. However, it is recommended to take some time and do extensive research on choosing the most suitable framing. As such, make sure to enjoy the process and narrow down the option that works for you the most. Good luck!

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