What is the Future of Fashion?

AI, or artificial intelligence, will usher in a new era of fashion. This new age of fashion will be all about customization and prediction based on consumer preferences. Instead of human designers, algorithms will become trend hunters. Fashion has traditionally been broken up into seasons, with spring/summer lines making their debut in early fall and autumn/winter collections appearing in February. In the future, this cycle of seasonality may be reversed, with fashion lines appearing in the spring and summer seasons.

One such example is the development of adaptive clothing. This piece of adaptive clothing grows with the wearer up to seven sizes, and is made of a lightweight pleated fabric. Adaptive garments can also serve as shelter, as a result of their shape-changing capabilities. These innovations are already generating significant buzz, including a report by the Environmental Audit Committee. However, a solution to this problem will need to acknowledge that fashion is a positive force.

In a recent report, McKinsey outlined the biggest opportunities for the fashion industry in 2022. In addition to the rise of e-commerce, the report highlighted the growing importance of customer experience. Inclusion and sustainability are also emphasized, as are environmental practices. Further, engagement between consumers and fashion companies is a growing trend. But how will this all affect the fashion industry? Only time will tell, but there are several important factors to keep an eye on.

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