Want to Avoid a Long, Drawn-Out Divorce? Follow These Helpful Tips

First things first, let’s get something straight: nobody goes into a marriage hoping it will one day end in divorce. Deciding to end your marriage is never exactly a fun process, and can actually be one of the most traumatic things that ever happens to you.

With that being said, divorce can also get you out of a bad situation and help both you and your ex-spouse discover a happier, healthier version of yourselves as you begin a new chapter of your lives separate from one another. It’s not exactly the fairy-tale ending you probably hoped for, but realistically, being happily divorced can be so much better than staying unhappily married.

Ultimately, your divorce experience depends largely on how you choose to handle it. If you’re steeling yourself for a lengthy, ugly courtroom battle complete with expensive attorneys, courtroom fees, and months or even years of financial and emotional strain, then that’s what you’re probably going to get. But we’ve got good news: divorce doesn’t have to be the acrimonious, crushing experience you see on TV. It’s entirely possible to avoid the drama and expense of a traditional courtroom divorce and make the end of your marriage as painless as possible. Here’s how.

Opt for Divorce Mediation

Did you know you don’t have to hire a ridiculously expensive divorce attorney and take all kinds of time off work to attend seemingly endless divorce hearings in a courtroom? It’s entirely possible to hammer out all the details of a Denver uncontested divorce through the mediation process. Not only is it significantly cheaper than a traditional courtroom divorce, but it can also save you a lot of time, grief and pain.

Cooperate and Collaborate

We know, we know. Your soon-to-be former spouse isn’t exactly your favorite person on earth at the moment. But if you can set aside your feelings and sit through some sessions with them, as well as a third-party divorce mediator, and truly work together to arrive at a mutually beneficial divorce settlement, you can get this over with a heck of a lot faster 52av.

Think of the Future

Right now, in the present, you’re going through something incredibly tough that affects just about every aspect of your life. But if you can focus on a time in the not-too-distant future where you’re happy, stable and ready to move on, it’s that much easier to get through the heartbreak of ending your marriage, and can also allow you to keep a clear head during the divorce process, which can result in you getting the most out of your settlement. Just remember—it gets better!

Of course, some divorcing couple have extenuating circumstances that make the need for attorneys and the court process inevitable, but if you and your soon-to-be former spouse are able to work out the details of your divorce via mediation, it could be a much better situation for everyone involved. Look into divorce mediation and see if it’s right for you buxic!

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