Using Alexa Speech Recognition to Control Your Home’s Technology

As Alexa’s popularity continues to grow, Amazon has added a new feature to its app. Known as Alexa Speech Recognition, this feature forces the voice assistant to wait longer for you to finish speaking. This new feature is opt-in, so you can turn it off when you are finished speaking. However, it will be helpful for people who have difficulty speaking clearly or are otherwise unable to use their hands to speak. It will also help make Alexa more inclusive and useful for people of all abilities.



The Alexa device records your voice and sends it to the Amazon Alexa Voice Services, where it processes the audio to generate commands. Once it recognizes important words, Alexa sends relevant output back to your device. For example, if you ask Alexa to tell you the weather, Alexa will open the weather app. If you lose your internet connection, Alexa will not work. Using Alexa Speech Recognition can help you control your home’s technology.



To make Alexa Speech Recognition work with your home speaker, you’ll first need to set up an account. This account will allow you to create voice profiles, which are saved in the device’s memory. Once you’ve created an account, you can then start training Alexa to recognize your voice. Alexa can remember up to 10 Voice Profiles, so each user can have a customized experience. You can also match speakers with each other so Alexa knows exactly what you’re saying, making your experience even more personalized quoteamaze

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