Tricks to Increase Google Drive Space

One of the best tricks for increasing Google Drive storage is to empty your trash. While files in the trash folder can no longer be accessed, they do take up space on your cloud drive. You can easily clear these out by going into the “Trash” tab of your account and clicking on the Empty trash button in the upper-right corner. You will be asked to confirm this operation. Then, you can delete the unwanted items.

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To free up space in Google Drive, find the files that are taking up the most space. If you have a lot of large documents or videos, you should delete them. Files that take up space can be deleted by clicking on the Trash button on the left side of the main interface. Then, you can empty the trash folder if you want more space. You can even delete the files associated with applications.

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Another trick to free up space in Google Drive is to clean out your Gmail inbox. Many users forget that their Gmail attachments will use up storage space in Google Drive. Luckily, these files do not take up your Drive space quota. Cleaning out your Gmail inbox and deleting spam emails will help you free up Google Drive storage space. There are other tricks to increase Google Drive space, but they’re worth a try.

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