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FAM Properties is a well-established real estate company in Dubai that specializes in selling, leasing, and managing residential and commercial properties. They have a large inventory of villas for sale in Dubai, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and retail spaces, for sale in Dubai. They also offer a wide range of services, including property valuation, market research, and investment advice.

Eight Best Housing Communities to Live In Dubai

1. Residential community Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a residential housing association in Dubai, located on a manufactured island with a wide range of luxury villas, townhouses, and sea-view apartments. Additionally, Palm Jumeirah is home to the Atlantis hotel, one of the finest resorts in Dubai and the world. This gigantic hotel offers luxurious health and leisure facilities, breathtaking views, and various water sports that are worth mentioning. The Palm Jumeirah community is ideal for those who dream of living close to beaches and recreational facilities. A location that allows them to reach the most remarkable areas of Dubai easily.

2. Dubailand residential community

Dubailand is traditionally considered an ideal residential community in Dubai for families. It offers everything a family needs in public facilities. Dubailand has many projects for all budgets, and each project provides an ideal lifestyle through various services and amenities. Facilities include schools, clinics, and stores. Dubailand has been one of the most popular communities in Dubai over the years.

3. Residential community Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

One of the famous names in Dubai, known for its luxurious urban environment, Jumeirah Lakes Towers is located between a residential and commercial center. It consists of 26 groups of buildings, making it an ideal urban destination for residents and businesses. Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a beautiful place to stay in Dubai. It combines stunning views of lakes and parks and various amenities such as cafes, restaurants, sports clubs, educational institutions, etc. Additionally, the community is located along Sheikh Zayed Road, which has two metro stations offering accessible transportation to surrounding areas.

4. Al Barsha Residential Community

Al Barsha community is one of the newly developed residential areas in Dubai, offering many advantages. Among them are its reasonable prices and location, which provides easy access to all major parts of Dubai. With an excellent location, the availability of a comprehensive road network, and metro and bus transportation, the site has become a hotbed for foreign communities and diverse cultures. The area also includes many hotels, restaurants, malls, hospitals, and stores.

5. Sports City Residential Housing Community

And apart from being a home for sports activities, Dubai Sports City is a residential destination for many tourists. With the apartments available, the trendy mix of reasonably priced villas, and the various facilities and amenities available, this is one of the best residential communities in Dubai.

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6. Al-Bari residential community

Construction of Al-Bari began in 2005. Today, the residential community of Albari consists of 330 villas, each with 5 to 7 bedrooms, occupying approximately 14 million square feet. The district covers 18 million square meters. It is considered one of the most critical communities in Dubai regarding green space, with 60% green space, parks, and natural lakes. An essential advantage of the Al Bari community is its strategic location, which makes it very easy to access from both new and old Dubai. Additionally, Al-Bari is one of the most affluent communities in Dubai, with many luxury villas, giving residents the advantage of living in a secluded and peaceful environment.

7. Emirates Hills residential community

Emirates Hills is considered one of the best communities to live in Dubai. It is a popular residential area near the center of Dubai.

Emirates Hills is one of the areas that offer peaceful life, exclusive green views, and luxurious villa neighborhoods. Moreover, Emirates Hills is ideal for families due to its various services and recreational facilities.

8. Arabia City Residential Housing Community

Spread over 20 million square feet, the community is located in the heart of Dubailand and serves as a gateway to shopping and residential hubs. Additionally, it has many corporate and administrative offices, schools, clinics, luxury apartments, boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and other unique attractions.


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