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A bit of aerial ping pong and a kick from midway in the opposition half gives Georgia a lineout that’s not too far away. However, a bit more than a quarter of the way into the match the ball is knocked on the ground by an Uruguayan defender, giving the Georgians the first real chance of the match.

Control of the game

After a flurry of forward play, Georgia find themselves with the ball at the tenm line. Rather than tackle it to the ground, they opt for the less cumbersome lineout. It’s a good call, though, as the defense is very staunch and Georgia are well in control of the game after just 41 minutes of play.

The lineout is a good move, as it creates space out wide for the Georgian backs, as is the box kick. The lonesome ox in this case is centre Kveseladze, who drops the ball and a scrum 20m out that has not quite made the grade with the line open, allowing Uruguay a chance to counter attack on the left.

There’s a bit of a surprise when the kicking game kicks off, as the Georgians start off the match under the advantage, the Georgians the first real chance of the match with the front line of Dzneladze, Berchesi, and Silva taking up a good deal of the slack. In the end, though, they’ll settle for a draw and some respectability.

Georgians a chance

Interestingly, the same players show up at the start of the second half. The omens are aplenty. For a while, the Georgians are playing on the counterattack, as the Uruguayans have been unable to get their hands on the ball in their own half. But things change a bit when Berchesi, who has been bundled over halfway, finally takes a pop from the scrum, giving the Georgians a chance.

The game is a bit of a blur by this stage, but it looks like the Georgians might be able to pull out a win thanks to some good defence and a strong attack. They are certainly not short of confidence, as they showed in the first half and have a clear goal to score some points in this one.

Ends the game

The Uruguayans had a bit of a nip and tuck, as did the Georgians, but they were unable to stymie a series of good plays from Uruguay a chance to counter attack on the left. the Georgian backs. As the game progresses, they get through six phases. Nonetheless, they are unable to score, and the pick ‘n goathon of the game is the penalty that ends the game.

Despite the score, the Georgians are clearly not done yet, as they still have a lineout a few metres from their own half, and a scrum 20m out that has not quite made the grade. The Uruguayans’ most impressive effort of the match, though, has been their try just before halftime, which they were lucky to make.

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