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Sharp Corporation Japan

In the early 2000s, Sharp began heavily investing in LCD panel manufacturing plants in the United States and Europe. In particular, they invested in two plants in California and New York. The latter is the company’s most advanced LCD manufacturing facility, and was built to accommodate 60- and 65-inch panels. In 2005, Sharp developed the first 65-inch LCD television and put it on sale in August of that year. During the 1990s, Sharp also established subsidiaries in Britain and West Germany.

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In the late 1960s, Sharp expanded its consumer goods line to include washing machines and refrigerators, portable stereos, copiers, desk-top computers, and video equipment. Moreover, Sharp began to sell Walkman-type headsets and expanded its sales to the US market. In the 1970s, Sharp established subsidiaries in Britain and West Germany. During this time, sales in these countries accounted for 70 percent of the company’s total capitalization.

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During the 1980s, Sharp was acquiring more companies in the entertainment sector. It began expanding its product line to include portable stereos, desktop computers, copiers, and video equipment. By the late 1960s, the Sharp brand was widely recognized in the United States, which provided a significant portion of the company’s revenues. In the late 1970s, Sharp also began selling products outside of Japan, such as the Zarus computerized personal organizer. The company also marketed mobile phones under the company’s own brand name.

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