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PQShield is a leading provider of post-quantum cryptographic solutions. PQShield has been working to deliver quantum-ready cryptography to the market, and is one of the leading contributors to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) new post-quantum cryptography standardization process.

Customers protect

PQShield is a cyber security company that specializes in providing quantum-ready cryptography and has delivered quantum-ready cryptographic solutions to customers around the world. The company’s products include embedded cryptography, cloud-based cryptography, and cryptography in software. Using PQC algorithms, the company can help customers protect their data against today’s attacks and prepare for tomorrow’s threats. By partnering with multiple industry leaders, the company provides customers with quantum-ready solutions.

PQShield has recently announced plans to expand its global presence and develop its position in the US, Europe, and Asia. In January, the company raised $20 million in Series A funding. It has also hired a team of top talent in engineering, sales, and business development. Currently, PQShield has teams in the US, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

Committed to adopting

PQShield is backed by Kindred Capital, Crane Venture Partners, and angel investors. Founded by Ali El Kaafarani, the company is focused on the use of new cryptographic standards and technology. It recently entered into a licensing agreement with Microchip Technology, which has recognized the threat of quantum computing and has committed to adopting new standards to defend its clients’ data.

PQShield also collaborated with the World Economic Forum and Internet Engineering Task Force. The firm has contributed to the Internet Engineering Task Force’s RISC-V program, which was launched to address the security issues of a new processor architecture. PQShield has led multiple projects for RISC-V and is the only company that has been able to successfully integrate quantum-proof algorithms into RISC-V.

Cryptographic library

PQShield has been involved in several projects related to the RISC-V architecture, including a new cryptographic library called PQCryptoLib that will be used by government partners and contractors. The library is the first hybrid cryptographic library ever submitted to NIST’s Cryptographic Module Validation Program.

In July, NIST released the draft standards for post-quantum cryptography. PQShield played a key role in the process and has a comprehensive list of algorithms under final consideration. Several researchers at the company have contributed to the standard-setting effort. Additionally, Professor Chris Peikert of the University of Michigan and Professor Peter Schwabe of the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy are both PQShield advisory board members. Together, these individuals have helped define the standards and helped to ensure that PQShield’s solutions can be validated.

Secure hardware

The company has also partnered with Collins Aerospace to offer technologically advanced solutions to the aerospace and defense industries. Earlier this year, PQShield partnered with PONE Biometrics, a Norwegian-based company, to embed PQC algorithms in secure hardware. This partnership will allow the company to offer a complete suite of cryptography and cryptography licensing options. Eventually, PQShield wants to add more companies to its growing global family of partners and expand its business into new markets.

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