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How to Choose Clothes For Your Body Type

If you’re unsure about what to wear for your body type, it helps to know what you should avoid. A body shape is usually described by its width, which is measured from shoulders to hips. A man with this shape should stick to non-skin-tight clothing to avoid the risk of clinging to their clothes. A slim, athletic body can make use of regular-fitting trousers and a regular-fit shirt. Avoid bold colours and patterns to highlight your muscles and avoid clothing with large prints.

Knowing what body shape you have will help you find the best clothes to enhance your best features and hide your worst ones. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks to dressing for your shape so that you can maximize your assets and hide your flaws. First, figure out your body shape. Men have different shapes based on their height, girth, and athletic build. It’s important to remember that body shape doesn’t just affect appearance, it also affects the way you feel and look.

Men with a pear-shaped or oval-shaped body are the easiest to dress for. Their wide shoulders and narrow waist create an athletic silhouette. A narrow torso and long legs are two of the most common clothing problems for men with this shape, so they should wear clothes with wide shoulders and a slim-fit waist. A classic fit shirt with a point collar is the best choice for a man with this body type. If you have a wide frame, you should avoid shirts with horizontal stripes, vertical lines, and other patterns that may distract attention from their shoulders. Instead, choose clothing with subtle dark hues.

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