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Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart is an American lifestyle and plus-size women’s clothing company. It was founded in 1991 and is known for its plus-size designs. The company is based on the style of Martha Stewart and Laura Ashley, who both became icons of upscale Americana. This style appeals to women of all sizes and shapes. The company has a wide selection of stylish plus-size dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, and more.

As the premier retailer of plus-size urban women, Ashley Stewart has been styling customers since the early 1990s. As a leading plus-size fashion house, the Ashley Stewart brand has been setting fashion trends in the industry. Customers can expect fashion-forward, sexy, and comfortable head-to-toe ensembles to take them from bedroom to boardroom. With nearly 200 retail stores across the country, Ashley Stewart is poised for continued growth.

The company was started by real estate investor Joseph Sitt, who was frustrated by the difficulty of bringing retail to inner-city neighborhoods. He commissioned a market study and hired several merchants to identify the needs of the customers. In the end, he identified a huge gap: plus-size urban career women. As a result, he began building stores to cater to this demographic. While there are some negative aspects to Ashley Stewart, the company is a highly successful brand that has a loyal following.

In 2015, the company restructured its leadership structure. James Rhee, the former CEO of J. Crew, assumed full operational leadership of the brand. He made several changes to the company and restructured its headquarters to include more open space without enclosed offices. Rhee emphasized an egalitarian corporate culture and spoke with customers in stores. He formulated a new business plan, which helped Ashley Stewart avoid liquidation. The company also closed 100 stores and accelerated production to ensure that customers could always find something to wear duysnews .

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