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If you love watching movies and music videos, you will be thrilled to know that you can now watch and download songs on the internet using the SongsZilla site. This site allows you to access a large collection of full mp3 songs from the music artists you love, so you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite movies and music anytime you want. You can browse through the list of top music albums and songs and download the ones you like. The site is free to use and you can also create your own playlists. In addition, you can also save your favorite songs to your iPod or other devices.


If you’re a fan of the hip hop scene, you’ve probably heard of ZillaKami. This is a young, aggressive rapper with an unusual style. His music has a grunge feel, but also has elements of hardcore. He’s known for his provocative lyrics, which cover everything from self-critique to death.

He’s been around the industry for a few years. His music videos are abrasive and controversial. You can even see some drug use in his music. However, Zilla isn’t as public as some of the other artists out there. Despite his success, he doesn’t get too much media coverage.

ZillaKami has worked with rappers such as Lil Gnar and Tekashi 6ix9ine. During their time together, they released several songs. Afterwards, they split up. But they’ve both worked with other rappers from the New York underground hip-hop scene.

In early 2018, ZillaKami became a part of the musical duo City Morgue. They released a hit single, “Shinners 13,” in June. It earned 3.5+ spins on SoundCloud, and generated millions of views.

The video features SosMula, an NYC hip-hop artist. It also includes scenes of a murder and a child waving an automatic weapon.


A quick perusal of the Google Play store will tell you that Gaana is not the only audio-streaming service to hit the mobile space. There are a few others including Saavn, iTunes Radio, and even YouTube Music, though these services are a bit more niche. But if you are looking for a one stop shop for all your music needs, Gaana can’t be beat. It offers more than 30 million songs in nine languages.

The company has made a big splash in the Punjabi pop music industry over the past two years. For instance, Gaana has been the proud sponsor of the Crossblade Punjabi music festival. In fact, Gaana claims that their app is the best in the business, with a staggering number of monthly users.

Gaana is not just a music app; the company has also branched out into TV and live radio content. Their flagship product is the Gaana Plus, which is the first Punjabi/Hindi radio station to offer an ad-free experience. Moreover, the company has also introduced the smart feed, which uses machine learning and data analytics to help users discover new songs based on their preferences.

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