3 Suits Every Guy Should Own

Every man needs a few suits in his wardrobe, and no matter who you are or your profession, having the right suit(s) in rotation can make a difference when making an impression. Whether you’re dressing for business meetings, formal events like weddings and graduations, or even just when you want to look extra sharp, whether hitting nightclubs with friends or going on that important first date – looking stylish is key. 

So while there’s sometimes room for some extra flair here and there as far as style goes depending on your aesthetic, this article will cut straight to the chase: Here are three essential types of suits every guy should consider adding to his collection!

Blue Suit

Do you want to turn up that multi-tasking dial? If so, consider the contemporary blue suit an essential piece of clothing. Like the black suit, this suit is suited to different styles, from casual to smart to formal. So, you can wear it for a variety of occasions. It is also a great match with different colors, so wear pastel clothes for an attractive fashion.

Blue Suit Quick Tips

  • Pastels are a fantastic way to highlight the blues of your suit.
  • A white shirt with a patterned tie can make a world of difference.
  • Black, brown, brown, or tan shoes are all appropriate when paired with blue suits.

Classic Black Suit

Every man’s closet is incomplete without, at minimum, the classic suit or perhaps a few. According to Wilson, black isn’t as flexible as navy regarding matching the suit and accessories; however, it’s still pretty versatile. 

Remove the tie, loosen your neck, and pair the suit with denim pants to create a stunning version of the informal or semi-formal look. Go in the opposite direction, adding a bow tie to your formal pants before the next formal event with a black tie.

Black Suit Quick Tips

  • Get dressed up and tie it with bow ties and black shoes for formal occasions.
  • Dress with an open collar with a pair of jeans for a smart casual look for a casual weekend.
  • A muted tone or charcoal accessories complement a business black suit style.

Grey Suit

Achieving a sophisticated masculine look This suit predominantly belongs to the formal and semi-formal spectrum. Wilson suggests pairing it with a white shirt, a black tie, and black footwear if you’re planning to wear it for a wedding or another formal gathering. Think about using a bright tie and pocket square with mens yellow vest when you’re headed to race.

Grey Suit Quick Tips

  • Barry Wang Ties and shoes instantly make a more formal outfit.
  • Feel free of an icy splash of color, especially in the morning.
  • Grey is a great color to dress up for a boardroom or dressed down for drinks.

Bottom Line

No matter your style, there are three suits that every man should have in his closet. The first is a classic navy blue suit. It’s versatile and appropriate for nearly any formal occasion. The second is a gray suit. It’s perfect for the office or more casual events. And the third is a black tuxedo. Every man needs one for those truly special occasions. With these three suits in your rotation, you’ll be prepared for anything life throws your way.

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