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15 Interesting Facts About Fashion Designers

Did you know that many fashion designers are tattooed? Did you know that one designer named Marc Jacobs got tons of tattoos? And that the first pair of Doc Martens were made from old tires? If you were unaware of these facts, you may not know that fashion was born in the 15th century. In the 1500s, fashion designers showed off their clothes on miniature dolls. It was only until 1853 that models became an option. And before you start sneering, keep in mind that designers used human hair and clothes on models.

Charles Frederick Worth, the first modern designer, was an Englishman living in Paris. He ran a large business, employing anonymous seamstresses and tailors. A former draper, he dictated to his customers what to wear and what not to. The designer’s name was so famous that Napoleon III banned visitors from his house if they didn’t wear the right clothes. As a result, Charles Frederick Worth earned a median salary of $61,160 per year in 2008.

In Britain, fashion designers earn on average PS3,500 per year. Their salaries can vary widely, but most designers make a significant amount of money. One of the most popular jobs for a fashion designer is wedding dress designers, with over 60% of brides choosing a designer gown for their big day. Even more fascinating, many brides prefer buying their wedding gowns from a designer, rather than from a high-end boutique. It’s also no surprise that Gucci’s official website is visited by more than six million people each month.

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